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A car accident can be a traumatic event. Not only could an accident affect you physically, but it can also leave you with severe emotional and financial burdens. Fortunately for you and your family, the lawyers at Rocky Mountain Injury Law are here to provide legal representation and a listening ear for you during this difficult time.


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As auto accidents continually increase in Denver year over year, it’s more likely than not you may find yourself needing legal representation for a fender bender or a major collision that’s not your fault. For over two decades, our firm has focused on helping people navigate the legalities of unfortunate auto accidents. Our lawyers specialize in a wide range of car accident types and have helped thousands of individuals claim the settlements they deserve and find peace of mind after the traumatic event.

Types of Car Accidents

Multi-tasking while driving may seem feasible - especially when you've got a crying baby in the back seat or a text message that you need to respond to - but it's the number one cause of accident related injuries for a reason. Taking your eyes off the road for a single second can be the time it takes for a collision to take place.
Not everyone follows the speed limit, and this is especially true if they are running late to work or in a hurry to get somewhere. According to the Colorado Department of Transportation, speeding is the second most common cause of injury crashes and resulted in 35% of fatal accidents in 2017. As Denver's population continues to rise, the number of speeding related car accidents will unfortunately go up too.
Impaired driving typically relates to operating a vehicle after drinking alcohol or taking drugs. In Colorado, a driver's blood alcohol content (BAC) of .08 or higher is considered above the legal limit and against the law. It only takes a few alcoholic drinks for driving to become impaired which in return increases crash related risks exponentially.
Reckless driving comes in many forms - cutting in and out of traffic, tailgating, speeding excessively, and running red lights are synonymous with road rage. This type of driving behavior causes thousands of auto related accidents every year and is responsible for killing hundreds of innocent people.
A sleep deprived driver is a major contributing factor in injury related car accidents. According to the National Sleep Foundation, 1 out of 10 drivers has fallen asleep behind the wheel during the past year. Drowsy driving accidents typically afflict truck drivers doing long distant routes and individuals who suffer from sleeping disorders.
There's a reason that speed limits are reduced and speeding fines are doubled in construction zones; but not everyone heeds that warning. Highway construction can create road hazards that are frequent contributing factors to deadly accidents. Failure of contractors to comply with safety regulations and lack of proper signage during lane shifts are just few of the dangerous catalysts that result in severe car crashes.
When a driver runs a red light or makes an improper turn into oncoming traffic, intersections become a minefield for car accidents. Oftentimes intersections have blind spots in the left-hand turn lane and, when coupled with rush hour traffic, it's almost inevitable that someone gets hurt. In busy cities where pedestrian crossings are added to the mix, car accidents commonly involve bicyclists and innocent bystanders.

Denver Car Accident AttorneysWhat Should I Do if I’ve Been in a Car Accident in Colorado?

If you’ve been in a serious car accident in Colorado, you’ll need an experienced team of lawyers on your side to fight for the settlement you deserve. It can be overwhelming to know what to do after a car accident, especially if you’ve been injured and are dealing with a mountain of medical bills and trying to get back on your feet. Here’s a list of important steps you can take after an auto accident that can make a big difference when taking necessary legal action.

Post-Accident Legal Checklist

#1 Take Notes
Make sure you write down or record anything that the other driver says or does following the accident. Use your smartphone to record any conversations that occur, so you can be sure to remember every detail of your car accident. Nothing is unimportant, and you never know what might be useful to you moving forward with a car accident legal case. Most importantly, be sure to write down the driver’s name, address, license plate number, and insurance information.
In addition to taking notes and recording any conversations you may have, it is necessary to collect any and all additional information including photographs of each vehicle following the accident. If you are able to record a video, do so up close and from a distance. Be sure to include the location of traffic signs, crosswalks, and anything else you may deem important. Write down the names and contact details of police officers on the scene in order to ensure you’re able to get copies of their accident reports, which will prove useful in your car accident case.
You can expect the other driver’s insurance company to contact you following the accident, and it is best to wait until you have a trusted Denver car accident lawyer to help guide you through the process of getting what you deserve out of the situation. It is essential that you let an experienced lawyer handle it from here so that your rights are protected– insurance companies are experienced in avoiding paying out as much as they can, and we’re here to make sure they can’t get away with these strategies.
One of the most common mistakes following a car accident is to waive your right to medical attention. After a car crash, your body will be full of adrenaline which will dull the sensation of pain, causing you to think you haven’t been injured. Victims of car crashes often experience long-lasting injuries because they failed to seek medical attention immediately. You can expect the other driver’s lawyer to downplay your injury if you did not seek medical attention at the time, which will surely affect your case. First and foremost, we want you to take care of yourself.


There are many ways in which a driver can fail to protect himself and others while operating a vehicle. All drivers in Denver owe others a duty of care, meaning if you suffer a car accident you were probably a victim of one of the following types of negligence. For your case, it’s important to know where the responsible driver failed to obey the rules of the road.  Here are some of the most common types of negligence seen in car accident cases:

Examples of Negligence in a Car Accident

All it takes is a single second for a driver to take their eyes off the road for an accident to happen. If you were in an auto accident caused by a driver who was texting in Denver, our car crash attorneys can help you fight back.
It's easy to get distracted while driving - especially in an age where multi-tasking is an essential survival skill. This is one of the most common examples of negligence in car accident cases in Colorado.
We've all seen the reckless driving speeding down the interstate swerving in and out of lanes. This type of driving behavior is the cause for some of the worst crashes on the road in Colorado.
Traffic signals are on the road for a reason, unfortunately, not everyone follows them. Running red lights and making improper turns can turn into a deadly situation for innocent bystanders and fellow drivers.
It only takes a few drinks to impair judgement. If you've been in an accident where the other driver was under the influence of alcohol or drugs, our Denver car accident lawyers can help fight for a settlement you deserve.

Denver Car Accident LawyersDENVER CAR ACCIDENT FAQS

While working with clients who have been in a Denver car crash, there are common questions that we need to address in order to help them understand their rights and the process behind litigation. Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding auto accident legal representation:

Frequently Asked Questions - Auto Accident Law

How much will it cost to hire a Denver car accident lawyer?
We understand that after being the victim of a car accident, the last thing you want to do is worry about the expenses this inconvenience will cost you. Our priority is seeing that you get justice for the pain your car accident has cost you.
How long does it take to resolve a car accident case in Denver, Colorado?
This answer varies based on the nature of the injuries you’ve undergone as a result of the negligence of another driver. This is why you should contact a Denver car accident lawyer as soon as possible to ensure you are compensated accordingly.
How long do I have to file a car accident claim in Colorado?
After being the victim of a car accident, Colorado law gives you three years to file a claim against the responsible driver.
What types of compensation am I entitled to?
Fixing or replacing your vehicle + Payment of medical bills, as well as for future or recurring injuries as a result of your car accident + Loss of wages as a result of your injuries + Punitive damages as a result of severe misconduct by the other driver.
Can I settle my car accident claim without an attorney?
Although you may be able to discuss your car accident claim with the other driver’s insurance company, the likelihood of a fair outcome is very low as insurance companies’ greater goal is to payout as little as possible. By hiring a Denver car accident attorney, you will be sure to get the compensation you deserve.
When will I need a lawyer after my car accident?
The sooner you hire a Denver car accident lawyer, the better. By being prompt about your insurance claim, a car accident lawyer is better able to make a strong case for you.
How can I pay my medical bills if I’m unable to work as a result of my car accident?
A situation like this is exactly why you need a Denver car accident attorney. Contact us today to ensure that we settle these medical bills with your insurance company and hold the other driver responsible.
Can I still file a claim if the driver who hit me does not have insurance?
If you have been the victim of a car accident, lacking insurance does not remove the responsibility from the driver at fault. This simply means you will need to hire a Denver car accident lawyer to ensure you are compensated for the trouble you have been caused.
How do I know if I should accept a car accident settlement from an insurance company?
It is essential that you speak with a Colorado car accident attorney in order to ensure that you are fully and justly compensated. Situations vary, and we want to help you as best we can by preventing insurance companies from taking advantage of you.
If I was partially at fault, am I still entitled to compensation?
Colorado’s comparative fault law allows victims to recover compensation for the injuries another driver’s negligence has caused, even if you were partially at fault for the car accident that occurred. An example of this would be if you were speeding but the driver who hit you was drunk, a percentage of the compensation you would have received had you not been speeding would be taken away.

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If you or a loved one has been the victim of a car accident, please don’t hesitate to call us so we can help you resolve the predicament you have been put in at the expense of another driver’s negligence. We care about you and your well-being – both physical and mental – and hope to help make every step of your Denver car accident claim as smooth as possible.

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Rocky Mountain Personal Injury Lawyers is currently handling a case for me, and the personal attention to the details in my case have been outstanding! Brett and his team have taken care of everything, and I feel confident that I made the best decision selecting an attorney to handle everything for me! I would definitely recommend Brett and his team to anyone!
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