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Injured in a ski- or snowboard-related accident?

Skiing and snowboarding are some of the riskiest sports one can attempt, and injuries are bound to happen. While a lot of accidents can be chocked up to simple clumsiness, there are much more dangerous factors at play that can result in catastrophic injuries. Don’t let a ski accident ruin your health and happiness. Reach out to one of our expert ski attorneys at Rocky Mountain Injury Law for a free consultation.

How are ski accidents unique?

While it may seem that a ski accident would be very similar to, say, a car accident, this is not the case. Liability laws and accident dynamics play a large part in the litigation processes for ski injury lawsuits. Insurance coverage is also much trickier in ski accident cases than a motor vehicle accident.

Types of Colorado Ski Accidents

  • Colorado Ski/Snowboard Collision Accidents
  • Colorado Ski Lift Accidents
  • Colorado Ski Resort Negligence Accidents
  • Colorado Ski Equipment Failure Accidents

Ski Accident Statistics

Though many skiers and snowboarders vaguely understand the risks inherent in their sport, few know some of the more specific details. 

  • There are roughly 55 injured skiers or snowboarders in Colorado emergency rooms each day.
  • During the 2020-2021 ski season, at least 11 people were killed in skiing or snowboarding accidents in Colorado alone. 

Skiers account for three times as many fatalities as snowboarders.

Ski and Snowboard Collision Attorney

Collision cases in Colorado make up about 5% of all skiing and snowboarding injuries. While many ski accidents result in minor injuries, a high-speed collision between skiers or snowboarders can cause severe, sometimes catastrophic, injuries. 

If you’ve been injured in a ski or snowboard collision, you’ll want an expert ski injury attorney on your side. Call Rocky Mountain Injury Law for a free consultation.

Ski Lift Accident Attorney

Ski lifts are created with the idea that getting the rider to the top of the mountain safely is the top priority. While there is no need to feel nervous when using a ski lift, injuries are not unheard of. There are two main causes of  ski lift injuries: rider error and equipment failure. 

There is not much to be done from a litigation standpoint in the case of the former. However, in cases like equipment failure, inadequate ramp or snow maintenance, and/or failure to stop the lift are all ways in which the lift operator may be liable for the injuries of the rider.

Ski Resort Negligence Attorney

The Colorado Ski Safety Act was enacted in 1979 to protect ski area operators from lawsuits by skiers and snowboarders, arguing that most cases being brought against them were injuries caused by “the inherent dangers of skiing.” However, recovery can still be obtained from ski operators for injuries caused by hazards that are not these “inherent dangers.” 

Improperly designed or unmarked trails, parked machinery around a blind corner, and open excavations are a few examples, though not an exhaustive list, of ski resort negligence.

Ski Equipment Failure Attorney

While many Coloradans own their own equipment, rentals are still used all over the slopes. Rental companies and the resorts themselves are responsible for maintaining the equipment to ensure that they are safe to use.

What to do after a ski accident

  • Focus on your safety
    Make sure you are out of the way of any skiers or snowboarders who may be coming down the mountain. Let ski patrol examine you for injuries. 
  • Take notes
    Write down everything about the scene and take pictures if applicable. Write down anything ski patrol or other parties do and say after the accident. You never know what could help your case.
  • Gather information
    Get the name and contact information of anyone involved. While ski patrol may conduct their own report/ investigation, they are under no legal obligation to provide you with information. 
  • Report your injury to the resort
    Talk to the resort and be sure to receive documentation. If you were not at fault, be sure to give whatever information you have to the appropriate party at the resort.  
  • Contact a personal injury attorney
    Finally, and most importantly, contact your attorney as soon as possible. Once we know your case, we can start working on your claim, working with insurance, and walking you through the next steps. 

Ski and Snowboard Injury FAQs

Can I sue an individual for a ski accident?

Yes! Damages are often recovered through the insurance company of the at-fault party, typically through the liability coverage on their homeowners insurance or personal umbrella liability policy. 

What kinds of damages can I recover in a ski accident lawsuit?

Medical expenses, including future medical expenses, are the most common damages recovered in a ski or snowboard lawsuit. However, it is also not uncommon to seek recovery for loss of income, property damage, or lost earning capacity. 

Can I sue the ski resort if I signed a waiver?

Waivers are often enforceable, especially in Colorado. However, they will not apply to every situation. This is why having a personal injury attorney is essential to understanding your case and getting you the settlement you deserve. 

Who is liable in a ski collision case?

In the case of a collision between two (or more) skiers or snowboarders, the fault almost always lies with the “uphill” skier or snowboarder. “Uphill” refers to the positioning of a skier or snowboarder as coming from higher on the mountain when the collision occurred. 

Think of it like being rear-ended in a car accident. You are responsible for not hitting the cars in front of you, and you are also responsible for not hitting the skier or snowboarder ahead of you on the mountain.  

Do I need to carry insurance for ski accidents?

Though not required by law, insurance can be extremely useful in the event of a ski accident in terms of recouping medical costs. Health insurance and travel insurance are both available for self-protection. 

In the event of a collision with another skier or snowboarder, the at-fault party’s liability coverage, either through homeowners insurance or a personal umbrella liability policy, is often how we will seek recovery for damages. 

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