Colorado Bicycling Laws FAQ

As we enter springtime and Coloradans enjoy long-awaited reprieves from cold snaps, windshield wiper scraping, 6 AM shoveling, and chilled-to-the-bone cold best remedied by hot toddies or ginger tea, bicycles make their initial forays into the outdoors after months-long garage storage. From April to November (with 50+ degree temperatures interspersed during the winter months like...

Legal Implications of Autonomous Vehicles: What You Should Know About Self-Driving Car Accidents

Who Is Responsible For Self-Driving Car Accidents? Amidst an era of carbon footprint-consciousness, climate change dread, and overall disdain for volatile gas prices, more and more consumers are flocking to the electric vehicle and self-driving car marketplace. Electric vehicle (EV) sales have reached record highs in 2022. Back in 2012, only 120,000 EVs were sold...

Rocky Mountain Statute Series: What Is A Near Miss?

Auto Accident Attorneys: The Near Miss Statute In this post, we’ll discuss the definition of a near-miss incident, how it differs from an accident, and why it’s essential for understanding road safety and motor vehicle safety . What Is A Near Miss? The Occupational Safety and Health Administration defines near miss as “incidents in which...

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